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Planning for leave and return to work, figuring out flexible work arrangements with your manager, and adjusting to growing your family and career are just a few of the challenges working parents can expect to face. Cleo@Work is here to better support you through this transition!

Cleo@Work helps you meet these challenges with more ease and confidence. We provide easy-to-access, comprehensive support to expecting and new parents in three formats: 

  • Virtual Workshops
  • 1:1 Career Guide sessions
  • Tools and Resources

Once you enroll, you’ll be able to sign up for the offerings that best suit your needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Cleo Career Guide?

A Cleo Career Guide is an independent coach with expertise in career development, team dynamics, and parenting. In 1:1 Career Guide sessions, your Guide’s role is to partner with you to explore questions and concerns, clarify goals or desired outcomes, and map out a plan of action or strategies to move toward your goals. Guides also facilitate interactive, virtual workshops where they share practical tips and tricks around a specific theme, such as prepping for leave.  

What is the relationship between Cleo and my employer? 

Cleo is committed to protecting your privacy and personal data. Any individual information you share through registration and during Cleo Career Guide sessions and workshops is strictly confidential and will only be accessible to relevant Cleo coaches and Cleo business administrators. Cleo will only provide aggregate data on the program to your employer, such as overall usage and feedback scores. 

Cleo offerings are designed to address topics related to planning and preparation, typical mindsets, and common behaviors in the context of leave and return-to-work. For all questions related to benefits & policy details, employees should seek assistance directly through internal HR. 

What kinds of questions might I bring to a Career Guide? 

Career Guides work with parents around all kinds of topics. Some common ones include:

Post-announcement planning: I’m expecting and just told my manager. Now what?

Expectations and goals: I’m anxious about taking leave and falling off the career cliff. 

Sharing parenthood: My partner is pregnant and I’m feeling like a “secondary caregiver.” I have no idea how much time off I want or need.

Identifying priorities: I’m trying to figure out what’s most important to me and how to manage my time around it.

Being a working parent presents unique challenges. We're here to help.

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